Just a freckly girl livin' in a fish world.


Courses taught

Teaching Associate, UCLA

Winter 2019 Animal Physiology Lab

Winter 2018  Vertebrate Morphology Lab

Spring 2018  Systematics

Teaching Assistant, UCLA

Fall 2017  Introduction to Marine Science Lab

Spring 2017  Introduction to the Oceans

Winter 2017 Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity

Summer 2017  Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity

Fall 2016  Introduction to Marine Science

Teaching Assistant, UNC-Wilmington

Spring 2016  Ichthyology lab

Fall 2016  Ichthyology lab

Spring 2015  Ichthyology lab

Description: Morphometrics and meristics of cartilaginous and bony fishes; Common fish sampling techniques in estuarine, freshwater, and ocean environments; Local fish identification, health indices, visceral anatomy; Scientific name memorization and placement on cladogram

Instructor, Center for Marine Science, NC

June 2014- August 2014 MarineQuest

Marine Biology Summer Camp, teaching and developing interactive marine science lesson plans for elementary and middle school students


2018- Present 

Building Engineers and Mentors (BEAM)  Los Angeles, CA

Description: Weekly visits to underrepresented elementary student’s classroom to teach fun science and engineering based activities


Minds Matter Mentor   Los Angeles, CA

Description: Mentor a female high school minority student interested in pursuing STEM in college, teaching lab protocol and introduction to coding

iDigBio UCLA representative     Los Angeles, CA

Description: NSF funded Broadening Diversity workshop with the goal of introducing undergraduate students, especially those in underrepresented populations, to museum and biodiversity science careers


Rainbow Tutoring Educator   Los Angeles, CA

Description: Tutor high school students in science related subjects



Exploring Your Universe with BNC; UCLA Booth  

Description: Largest UCLA Science Festival open to the public, catered towards elementary and middle school kids  


Coastal Erosion Outreach Intern   Wilmington, NC

Description:  Inform the public and local benefactors of coastal erosion issues and marsh ecosystem services; lead citizen scientists on oyster reef building event


Aquarium Education Volunteer  Fort Fisher Aquarium, Fort Fisher, NC

Description: Supervise select exhibits and basic marine life care; teach guests about marine life throughout the aquarium

student anonymous evaluations

"I really enjoyed having Kelsi as a TA, she was refreshing in the sense that she really cared if we were understanding the material. Sometimes we would get stuck on topics, but she would help us get through the question by asking us smaller questions till we understood the bigger picture. I never felt like I didn't know enough coming into discussion, and always left learning more. Thank you Kelsi."

"Kelsi is really knowledgeable about the source material and her enthusiasm for biology translates very well into the class assignments and atmosphere as a whole. She is extremely approachable and is willing to go above and beyond to aid in the understanding of lab procedures, conclusions, and integration to the course material."

"Kelsi is a great TA. She cares about the subject matter of the course and her students. Her section was great because it was structured for efficiency but also very interactive and conducive to student

learning. She is one of the best TAs I've had here at UCLA."